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Saturday, September 09, 2006


Once the sign of tribal warriors or seasoned sailors, now the sign of what I do not know...

Some tattoo's are very artistic and clever and for the record I have no problem with tattoo's I don't have one but having spent 5 years in Her Majesty's Royal Navy I have seen many a tattoo, good and bad.

However, what I can't understand is why do pretty young ladies/girls have huge ugly tattoo's all over their body, what is that all about, pretty, small, discreet, little tattoo's can be attractive but what is it with the big things that cover most of the skin, what is going to happen when age becomes a reality and in 30 years time, what will all these blue skin beauties look like, with their saggy bodies covered with blue ink and you can't work out what the tattoo actually is anymore, what was once a pair of wings looks more like a set of John Wayne's saddle bags printed on the skin.

Remember a dog is not just for Christmas as a tattoo is not lipstick that will wear off after a couple of hours...

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